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What is a redundant power supplies? The difference between the redundant power supply and UPS power supply?
Power supply redundancy general scheme has a capacity to take cold standby redundancy, redundanc……
>> Redundant power supply
  [2014-5-13] Often mentioned redundant power in the server power supply, to understand the difference between……
>> Structure model of cloud storage system consists of 4 layers
  [2014-5-13] One, the storage layerThe storage layer is the most basic part of the cloud storage. Storage dev……
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Concord Power Systems(ShenZhen) CO.,LTD With 20 years experience in power research and development operations; is committed to the professional server switching power, backup green power, high-end computer power supply, MINI power, machine tools, computer game machine power supply, power adapter power supply, LED power supply, medical and other custom power R & D, manufacturing; the company ...【More】
FSAK360C(ATX Output)
FSDK300B(ATX Output)
LSAC100U-M(Single Output)
LRAC420R3H(Single Output)
FRAK2000FV(Single Output)
LRAC420R3H(ATX Output)
RRAB1400GH(ATX Output)
LRAC660R4V(ATX Output)
FRAK480MV(ATX Output)
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1U Single DC-DC Power Supply
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